Our different businesses

Ecotourism & Grupal Travel – Coworking & Coliving – Community & Tribal Living

We practice ecotourism, group travel, coliving, coworking, and all forms of hospitality in the heart of nature and biodiversity of the Riviera Maya.

We have become specialists in group accommodation for thematic trips (Sports, Health, Wellbeing, Personal Development, Languages, Photography, Cinema, Archeology, Exploration of the forest and the incredible underground of the Riviera Maya ).

We also host scientific missions and biologists who collect data on biodiversity, endemic species in the region, and underground river systems and caves.

Finally, we have begun to develop new places for our concept of community life or “Tribal Living”.

Ecotourism & Grupal Travel

Practicing ecotourism in our region is a real challenge. A region that has developed through mass tourism in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, and the major all inclusive resorts of the Riviera Maya has great difficulties to develop ecotourism and respect the principles.

Our tourism offers are strictly oriented towards ecotourism and groupal travel. We participate in the development of Tulum by stimulating this mode of tourism within the Tulum region, and on spaces still completely virgin and inhabited by Mayan families.

Coworking & Coliving 

Our pioneering activity highlights the social bond and the mix of people and cultures. Modern communities are made up of mobile and nomadic people who jump from one anchorage to another. Our spaces become anchors of people from all over the world, sharing moments of community life in beautiful and natural environments, while integrating locally through sharing and sharing with Mayan communities and the people. Local. Coworking and Coliving offerings now appear worldwide, but remain “urban” as we develop this concept in the wild and in shared homes rather than in large buildings.

Community & Tribal Living

This is our third passion, but it represents the purpose of all our actions.

This activity has naturally settled in our daily life We called it “Tribal Living”, a kind of community life, after having fashioned the living spaces and built the houses or huts of our dreams. 

This practice of living in community has also become the main theme of our academic activities and training. After having tasted ecotourism, our retreats and coliving as we practice it, many are dreaming of building their own anchor and our “Coliving.Academy” becomes a natural resource for learning and support development, construction and implementation of these anchor sites, where mobility and nomadism become the norm.