Shared Spaces in Pueblito Selva Chemuyil

Pueblito Pool

The swimming pool is a so-called natural pool. In fact, during its construction, we preserved the rocky soil naturally present in the area to integrate the basin into its natural environment. We use a virtuous circle to supply… Read More


The cenote is a magnificent underwater natural cave, private and arranged by us in the heart of the complex. It is the favorite habitat of bats and other motmots who will not hesitate to fly in the cave… Read More

Cocina Rosada del Pueblito

Guinguette and circle of fire in the Pueblito

Just at the entrance to the resort are three brightly colored stands and warm. The first acts as a reception, it is the first place where we meet you for all the formalities. The two ohters are more… Read More

Palapa Lobby

The Palapa Lobby is a large palapa located near the entrance of the resort. It allows up to fifty people. There is also a terrace and a circle of fire right next to the palapa. But what is… Read More


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