Spaces in Chemuyil Club y Villas

Swimming Pool

Circle of Fire

With a capacity of 50 people, this space allows you to realize or enjoy the link of life with the jungle and the universe, rituals of healing and spiritual liberation. (We have a teacher who can lead you… Read More

Alberca Kitchen

The Abierta Kitchen has a capacity of 40 people. This space is equipped with a kitchenette, a griddle, a grill, a hob, a tap and a refrigerator. Four tables for 10 people can be installed, as well as… Read More

The Cave

It’s a space where you can have a direct contact with nature and with your inner self, since this cave is cavernous and suitable for a meditation ritual.

Palapa Pioneros

Consta de una gran Palapa donde tu puedes crear un evento musical, de yoga, ayahuasca, meditacion o cualquier tipo. Aqui mismo encontraras 1 Espacio para que tu puedas trabajar y estar al mismo tiempo conectado con la naturaleza… Read More

Palapa Yoga

It’s a palapa whose purpose is the practice of yoga (We can recommend a teacher or not), meditation or massages on one of our two tables for this purpose. The capacity of this palapa is 10 people whether… Read More

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